Root Cause


I believe certain foods disagree with certain people and I believe you can get to the bottom of your trigger foods. Even if you don’t have clear symptoms, there can be underlying issues going on with your body.

Back in the day I used to eat everything.

Donuts. Lots of ‘em. A big ol’ muffin for breakfast with a cup of tea was my go-to in high school. My drink of choice was Diet Coke; my snack was Rold Gold pretzels.

But alas, some of these things caught up with me.

It wasn’t just food – it was my lifestyle, for sure.

Looking back, even in college I burned the candle at both ends. School in the day, bartender late into the night. I’d go to bed at 4 a.m. and get up 6 hours later for class. And so it went.

I moved on and got married … had a baby, then 3 more. I was working and raising a family. I tried to do it all. Don’t we all??

That stress caught up with me.

The lack of sleep caught up with me.

And I started feeling effects.

Achy joints.
Occasional headaches.
And tummy troubles – ohhhh these were no stranger to me.

And over time I realized:

Food can help you, food can hurt you.

It was time for me to take my health back.
It didn’t happen overnight.

I had to dig deep – I had to take the time. What seemed daunting at one moment (removing grains) got more and more doable each day. So much so that I kept up with it BECAUSE I FELT BETTER.

I wanted someone to just do it for me – but I realized – I needed to do the work. I needed to journal and take notice and take responsibility.

I was the only one who could make myself feel better. Simply by the foods that I ate, and by the foods that I avoided.

I believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all diet.

So I won’t tell you to go Keto, or for you to go grain-free.

But I’ll help you to figure out what’s triggering you.

Because YOU are unique.

And I believe someone following someone else’s diet to feel great is not the ticket to success.

Let’s get you started on finding your path to feeling good.

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